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Unit Size List

Below is a list of units and sizes at our facility. To see what’s available, make a reservation, or move-in online, go to our Rentals and Reservations page.

5×6Self Storage35.00
5×10Self Storage48.00
6×10Self Storage55.00
8×10Self Storage75.00
10×10Self Storage82.00
12×9Self Storage84.00
10×12Self Storage88.00
9×15Self Storage95.00
12×12Self Storage95.00
10×15Self Storage100.00
10×15Self Storage102.00
10×15Self Storage104.00
10×16Self Storage108.00
10×15Self Storage109.00
10×15Self Storage110.00
10×15Self Storage113.00
12×15Self Storage115.00
12×15Self Storage125.00
10×20Self Storage125.00
12×20Self Storage136.00
12×22Self Storage140.00
12×24Self Storage146.00
12×25Self Storage150.00
12×30Self Storage165.00